What to eat to lose weight

Obesity or obesity is a health risk factor. And many are worried about this. Changes need to be made in the diet to lose weight. Must eat healthy food.

Nusrat Jahan, a nutritionist at Square Hospital Limited, suggested what to eat to lose weight at an NTV health event. Obesity has now become a major problem, he said. By obesity we mean height, if a person weighs 10 percent more than the desired weight.

Nusrat Jahan said, at present this problem is increasing day by day in our country. And because of this various types of physical illnesses are appearing. Such as kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes and cardiac problems. What we need to do for obesity is to control food. It totally depends on lifestyle changes, eating habits, eating on time, sleeping on time and so on. The key to weight loss is diet control.

It is important to follow a balanced diet when it comes to weight control. If we do not follow a balanced diet, then the problems that are seen, such as various types of deficiencies ঘ vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies. Many people think that losing weight does not mean eating. This idea is completely wrong. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. So, the menu that we will create throughout the day must have adequate amounts of carbohydrates or sugars, protein, fruits, vegetables. And if we do not follow these or maintain a proper balance diet, then in most cases what happens is that the hair falls out, the radiance of the skin decreases, the nails break and it looks sick. So you need to eat a balanced diet to lose weight.

Nutritionist Nusrat Jahan further said that we have to calculate calories according to weight and height. We will select food from each section of this menu. Such as protein, fruits, vegetables, minerals etc. In case of weight control, we will divide the diet into five to six times. For example, the food we eat in the morning must be a big part of the calories. If we want to control weight, all we have to do is; Eat red flour bread, brown bread instead of parota or rice; Instead of omelette or poach we eat boiled eggs. Can keep chicken soup or yogurt.

The fish curry we choose for lunch and dinner must be cooked without frying. Because, we must know that we get 45 kcal from one teaspoon of oil. So if you want to lose weight, you have to reduce the amount of oil as much as possible.

In the afternoon, we can eat lentils, salad, fruit salad or fruit juice without eating fatty food for breakfast. We must eat less at night than in the morning. Because, after breakfast we have to do a lot of work throughout the day and we burn a lot of calories. But after eating at night, we do not have much physical activity or the opportunity to burn calories. So you have to eat less at night than in the morning or at other mills. If we eat at least one cup of sour yogurt after every meal, it will help to burn body fat. In order to lose weight, you should eat at least two to three pieces or five pieces of nuts every day. Almonds burn body fat. In addition, we can take oatmeal, we will take a lot of salad. In order to control weight in general, we must eat less sugary foods. Eat more protein foods. Must have fruits and vegetables. And the biggest thing is, We need to exercise every day. In addition, you need to sleep on time and eat and drink on time. Then we get our desired weight.

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