Visit the 201 Dome Mosque in your spare time

The banks of the historic Jhenai river. Next to it, a mosque with 201 domes has been built in a natural and pleasant environment. The entire mosque is on about 261 percent of the land. On the inner wall of the mosque, the entire 30-page Qur’an is engraved in brass. Near the main gate, 99 names of Allah are shining in the brass gold color on the wall of the mosque.

The mosque was built at Dakshin Pathalia village in Nagda Shimla union of Gopalpur upazila of Tangail. 50 ounces of brass has been used to create the beauty of the mosque. All the sophisticated tiles and stones have been brought from different countries including China and Italy.

Tourists from home and abroad have started coming to see the beautiful mosque. Its specialized floor tiles absorb outside temperatures to keep the floor cool. There are sophisticated lighting systems. The entire mosque premises are under the control of CCTV cameras. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the mosque in safety.

A helipad has been built over 16 bighas of land around the mosque. Apart from that, adequate space has been provided for car parking. So, there is no need to worry about keeping vehicles as village roads. All in all, it has become one of the tourist destinations for people from all walks of life.

A five-storey building is being constructed next to the mosque here. It is known that free treatment will be given there. There will be an orphanage, an old age home, a large-scale rehabilitation center for distressed freedom fighters and their families, a library, a Qur’an and Sunnah based religion research center, technical and IT training for unemployed youth.

According to the construction authorities of the mosque, despite the cost of more than 100 crore rupees, the construction work of the mosque is gradually nearing completion due to the efforts of people of many professions. So far more than 80 percent construction work has been completed. Although not officially inaugurated, there are currently five daily prayers, Friday prayers and Eid prayers every year.

The way to go

The distance from Tangail Sadar to the mosque is about 50 km, and only 6 km from Gopalpur Upazila Sadar. So we have to go to Tangail first. Then from there to Gopalpur upazila. Then you can easily go to 201 Dome Mosque by autorickshaw.

Where to stay

Usually you can go to Tangail from Dhaka or surrounding districts by day and come back by night. However, if you want to spend the night, there are several good quality hotels and resorts in Tangail and Elenga. You can spend the night at Water Garden Resort, Jamuna Resort, Elenga Resort, Elenga Resort Limited, VIP Hotel and Hotel Prince. Apart from this, one can also stay at the adjoining Upazila Dhanbari Nawab Palace. There are also arrangements for staying in Madhupur and Ghatail.

These nights will cost 200 to three thousand rupees. You can choose the place of your choice.

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