The way you eat eggs will match the nutrition and will also prevent fat

Low cost nutrition. This is the main reason why lower-middle class people rely on eggs. There are very few foods that can compete with eggs in terms of taste, nutrition and balanced diet. However, it was once thought that egg yolks increase cholesterol. But modern research has shown that this idea is unfounded. Instead, egg yolks help lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. 

According to Indian nutritionist Sumedha Singh, ‘Eggs have no effect on weight. Any food with oil and spices increases weight. If the eggs are cooked too hard or fried too often, the fat increases due to oil and spices. There is no reason to skip eggs if you are afraid of fat. On the contrary, by playing eggs in several ways, one can fight with fat without any hindrance. The body also gets full nutrition.

Remove the oil-soaked dalna. Don’t even say poach or omelette frequently to avoid grilling. Instead, eat eggs in these ways:

Poach with water: Poach with  oil and not with oil and vinegar. Take some water in a pot and add a little vinegar to it and shake the water. Now very carefully first remove the egg white in water. Put egg yolk on it. The yolk should be added in such a way that it does not break. After a while, the white part of the egg will swell and cover the yellow yolk. Kusum will glisten inside the white lining. Gently lift the poach from the water with a grating sleeve. Such poach without oil is popular all over the world. All the nutrients of the egg are matched from this poach. There is no fear of fat accumulation.

Salad:  Mix spinach, cucumber, broccoli, boiled carrot, karaisuti, tomato-onion salad and add the crushed part of boiled egg. Sprinkle with pepper and lemon juice. It will match the nutritional value of the whole egg, as well as the effect of green vegetables, vegetables and carrots will prevent fat. As a result, the weight of the egg will not increase.

Oatmeal and eggs:  Eat oatmeal with eggs. Oatmeal also inhibits the secretion of digestive acids. So eating oatmeal does not make you hungry easily. Oatmeal prevents the accumulation of excess cholesterol and triglycerides in the body. On the other hand, eggs provide protein. As a result, if oatmeal and eggs fight together, fat accumulation becomes difficult. Source: Andbazar Patrika

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