Masks are mandatory in religious institutions

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has made the use of masks compulsory in all religious institutions including mosques, temples, churches and pagodas. The ministry has issued a notification with instructions in this regard on Sunday.

It said the ministry had issued notices at various times imposing the obligation to wear masks in religious places of worship, among other measures to prevent the spread of Kovid-19.

‘Lately, it is being noticed with deep concern that the use of masks is being relaxed all over the country, especially in mosques, temples, churches and other religious institutions. The government has instructed to ensure that masks are worn in all cases, including religious institutions, in the event of a possible second wave of Kovid-19 infection, ”the statement added.

Besides, the Ministry of Religion has issued some instructions regarding religious institutions including mosques and temples. These include-

Make sure all worshipers in the mosque wear masks. In order to enter after the mask, the mosque committee must ensure that the mike of the mosque is preached before the prayers every time and the banner is displayed at the entrance of the mosque.

Followers of other religions, including Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians, must enter the shrine wearing masks. The concerned worship committee has to ensure that the banner is displayed at the gate to enter the shrine after the mask.

There should be a massive campaign to make the public particularly aware of the ‘no mask-no service’. The slogan should be displayed in all open spaces and posters or digital exhibitions in government and non-government organizations.

You have to follow the hygiene rules issued by the health care department and wash your hands with soapy water after a while and follow the social distance.

The Ministry of Religion has requested the officials of the local administration, Islamic Foundation, Hindu Welfare Trust, Buddhist Religious Trust and Christian Religious Welfare Trust and the management committee of the concerned mosques and places of worship to continue to publicize these announcements regularly through microphones in all mosques and other places of worship in the country.

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