Major collapse in the capital market, the index is the lowest in 4 and a half years

Very quietly, a big collapse hit the country’s capital market. Investors are now disoriented as most of the companies have lost their capital due to the fall in the share price of the index. So the crisis of confidence in the capital market has now taken a terrible form. Experts believe that the country’s overall economy, especially the banking and non-bank financial sector, has been negatively affected by the capital market.

In the brokerage houses where shares of listed companies are traded, the picture is quite different. There is not much anagona of investors here, so traders are not busy. There is only anger and remorse on the faces of those who are transacting.

“No one is good,” one investor told NTV. Everyone’s condition is bad. I have brought the rest of the money, it’s all over. Yesterday I brought money from my wife, now when I go home she will ask what the situation is. We do not have the power to answer that question. We have become absolutely destitute. ‘

The Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSEX) index stood at 4,123 points on Monday, the lowest in four and a half years. And in the last one year, the market capital has decreased by about one lakh crore rupees. In such a situation, investors are selling shares in a hurry, fearing that the price will fall further.

A large part of the country’s capital market is occupied by the banking sector. And these banks are also big institutional investors. The announcement that single-digit interest rates will have to be implemented in banks from next April has made investors even more worried about the already struggling banking sector.

Analysts say the capital market has to pay for ongoing financial instability due to a lack of good governance, mountainous defaulters and various irregularities.

Capital market expert Farooq Ahmed Siddiq

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