Is honey an alternative to sugar? How much sugar do you eat every day?

Awareness that eating too much sugar is harmful to the body has come to many nowadays. But the problem is elsewhere. Many people go to Himshim to choose the alternative of sugar.

It is good if the taste is like sugar, but it is very difficult to find an alternative that will not be harmful to the body. There are also some misconceptions about eating sugar among the common people. Let’s talk about them.

Is honey an alternative to sugar 

Many people reduce their sugar intake throughout the day and eat sugar free, honey, refined sugar, etc. instead. But in this case, keep in mind that whatever you choose as an alternative to sugar, has more or less the same amount of calories. So if you want to reduce the daily sugar intake, you have to reduce the intake of sweet foods. And the amount of sugar in cooking should be reduced.

How much sugar can be eaten daily ?

According to the World Health Organization, a healthy adult male can consume eight teaspoons of sugar a day, depending on the body composition of South Asians. Women can eat six teaspoons of sugar a day. However, in the case of both men and women, this amount of sugar can be eaten only if the body weight is appropriate. This amount of sugar cannot be eaten if the body is overweight.

Eating sugar is blood sugar ?

Many people have a misconception that eating sugar causes diabetes. This is completely wrong. However, if diabetes is detected, doctors usually suggest controlling the consumption of sugar. Again, those who eat too much sugar, their body fat accumulation is likely to develop diabetes in the future. However, there is no evidence in medical science that eating sugar will cause diabetes.

Stop eating sugar completely ?

Do not stop eating sugar without your doctor’s advice or reduce it overnight. Low blood sugar can be fatal. If you want to reduce the amount, do it slowly.

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