If you want to get comfortable in this Eid dress even in the midst of busyness

‘Cotton’ ahead

Sari: Curious

Sari: Curious

If you wear two clothes on Eid, the chances of it being a sari are almost 100 percent. Many will break the folds of the new sari this Eid. Light colored cotton sari will give comfort in hot weather. You can choose pale yellow, bright yellow, ghee, light golden, basanti, olive color, tia, paste, baby pink, melon, azure blue, baby blue, sea blue, light chocolate and everlasting white.

Casual top-pants

Clothing: La Reve

Clothing: La Reve

Top-pants will be the first to appear in the name of western comfortable clothing. Tunic and kaftan will be ahead in various types of tops. You can wear it later with comfortable mom jeans, boyfriend jeans or any pants that are not tight with flare cut. If you want instead of jeans, you can buy clothes of your choice and make pants. You can also wear palazzo.

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Three outfits during the three days of Eid

মেকআপ হালকা রেখে চুলের স্টাইলে জমকালো ভাব আনতে পারেন।

Salwar-kameez cannot be left out

Clothing: Anjan's

Clothing: Anjan’s

Salwar-kameez tops the list of girls’ Eid shopping. Cotton, linen, silk, tissue, viscose, georgette, organza — the fabrics will come around. However, the matter of comfort will prevail in everything from clothes and designs.

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New bride’s outfit for Eid

ঐতিহ্য আর আধুনিকতা দুটোর ছোঁয়াই থাকতে পারে নতুন বউয়ের সাজে

An elite look in a frock-shirt

Clothing: La Reve

Clothing: La Reve

Frock cut shirts or anarkali cut shirts always carry nobility. A little darker color predominates there.

Out of the waist

Clothing: La Reve

Clothing: La Reve

Those who are a little leaning towards western clothes, they can put the waist on the top if they want. That waist may have the use of a raffle or a brace. Audit can be continued at the waist. Pressing a waist that looks a little different on the clothes will make your look ‘gorgeous’. It will also be easier to carry the dress all day again.

Skirt-top tiptop

Clothing: La Reve

Clothing: La Reve

This line, circle, box plate is given inside the skirt and gypsy skirt is more. Now many people feel comfortable wearing long tops with skirts. You can pick up the skirt on Eid day to make it quick.

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