I will not compare you with onion …

With rising prices, onions have now become a ‘luxury’ product. At this time, many stories are happening about onions. Some are reported by humor reporters.

এWhen Eid-ul-Adha comes, when people buy cows and take them away, others ask, ‘Brother, how much?’ Now the same thing is happening with onions. While someone was buying onions from the market, he asked, ‘How much did you get, brother?’ Facing questions.

—Onion has now made a double century in terms of price. But luckily if someone can buy onions for 10-20 rupees less, then everyone around is saying, ‘Brother, you have won!’

লেIf someone buys more than one kg of onion in the current market, others are surprised and say, ‘Say what, you have bought more than one kg of onion! You are a rich man! ‘

অনেকেই Many people have stopped buying onions due to high prices. Many chefs are thinking of publishing a recipe book titled ‘101 Ways to Cook Without Onions’ for this category of people.

Onion is now being used as a metaphor. Such as: ‘The price of things is like an onion now’, ‘I will not compare you with an onion …’, ‘The moon in the sky is like a scorched onion’, ‘What is a rock or an onion’ etc.

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