‘I want one Hafez in every house in Bangladesh’

The Hifzul Quran competition program ‘PHP Quran in search of light talent 2018’ is starting on NTV again in the coming Ramadan. The event will be produced by Saifullah Saif. On the other hand, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the program ‘In Search of Quran’s Light Talent’. On this occasion, an event has been organized at an elite hotel in the capital next Saturday. Famous Hafez and Maulanas from home and abroad will participate in the program. Hafez Maulana Abu Yusuf, chairman of the ‘Light of the Quran’ Foundation, spoke to NTV Online in this regard.  

NTV Online:  When did you first plan to do the show ‘In Search of Talent in the Light of the Quran’?

Hafez Maulana Abu Yusuf:  We started such activities outside the media in 2005. Then we would organize the program in different mosques or any other place. After watching the program ‘Close Up One-Bangladesh is looking for you’ in search of musical talent on NTV, the thought of doing a reality show with the Hafez of Quran on TV came to my mind. Then in 2009 we started organizing this competition on a private television channel. Since then, we have been successfully airing this program on NTV every Ramadan for the last five years. Thanks and gratitude to the honorable chairman of NTV Alhaj Mohammad Mosaddeq Ali and all those associated with the program. 

NTV Online: How successful have you been with the program ‘PHP Quran in Search of Light Talent’? Are you satisfied?

Hafez Maulana Abu Yusuf:  Of course. I am grateful to God Almighty. The Qur’an is the food of our souls. Through this program we have tried to spread among the people how interesting and sweet the Qur’an is. Every year many contestants from all districts of Bangladesh participate in this event.

We started the main event with 36 of them. From there we select a champion, first runner up and second runner to the judges’ choice. We are successful in organizing such events because many of our competitors have become champions by participating in international Quran competitions. It is a matter of pride for us. 

NTV Online:   The ‘Light of the Quran’ Foundation has been established for 10 years. What are your future plans for the foundation?

Hafez Maulana Abu Yusuf:  Just as the 10th anniversary of the program ‘In search of the genius of the light of the Qur’an’ has come, so has the 10th anniversary of the journey of our foundation. Hafeez will be present at the 10th anniversary celebrations along with Egyptian Kari Rafat Hossain, Indian Kari Mohammad Ali Khan and Indonesian Kari Momin Ainul Mubarak. Hopefully, we can do better in the future, God willing. 

I want every house in Bangladesh to have a Hafez. Many people are getting excited to become Hafez in the Quran after watching the program ‘In Search of the Light Talent of the Quran’. It’s a positive thing. NTV authorities are very sincere about this program. I would like many more channels to host such programs in the future. In addition, we have plans to organize Islamic songs, Islam-based educational programs and many more. Everyone needs cooperation for this.

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