I am amazed at how children have mastered the Qur’an’

Hifzul Quran Competitive ‘PHP Quran in Search of Light Talent 2018’ is being aired on NTV from Holy Ramadan at 5.30 pm. Yusuf. Hafez Maulana Abu Yusuf spoke to NTV Online about this year’s competition.

NTV Online: How are you responding to this year’s competition?

Hafez Maulana Abu Yusuf: I am getting very good response. Many non-Muslims are also watching the program. Besides, many people see me face to face and say, ‘It’s a very nice program’.

NTV Online: How do you think the contestants are performing?

Hafez Maulana Abu Yusuf: This time we have a very young contestant. There are also eight year old children. There are also many children in nine and ten years. I am amazed at the way children have mastered the Qur’an. They have a lot of talent. Each competitor is of international standard. They will be able to make their place by participating in any international competition. 

NTV Online: When will the grand finale of the competition take place?

Hafez Maulana Abu Yusuf: 27 Ramadan will be held at ‘La Meridian’ Hotel in the capital. NTV will broadcast the show live. This time the three winners will get Hafez award, besides their masters will also be given motorcycles by Alo family of PHP Quran.

NTV Online: PHP has been doing the show ‘In Search of Light Talent of Quran’ for 180 years. Who do you think contributed the most to the success of the event?

Hafez Maulana Abu Yusuf:  I have worked hard myself. Besides, I have received a lot of help from Hafez Ustads in Quran. They inspire their good students to perform at our events.

NTV Online: What are your future plans for the show?

Hafez Maulana Abu Yusuf:    I want to take the program to the international level. We will try this so that foreign Hafez can also participate in the competition.

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