Be sure to take those things in your backpack before boarding the plane

An excitement works in everyone before going on a trip. And because of this we often forget to take a couple of necessary items. It’s not just because of the excitement, it’s because of the rush. So don’t make the mistake of carrying luggage or trolley bags as well as backpacks before traveling on an airplane.

Step 1 : You can carry a backpack with you along with other bags while traveling by air. And first of all take an extra T-shirt and a pair of pants in that backpack. If your clothes get damaged for any reason while traveling, you can take these extra clothes later.

Step 2 : According to the rules of the Transportation Security Administration, you cannot carry more than 3.4 ounces of liquid drinks on an aircraft. But a backpack can carry a maximum of three ounces of liquid drinks if a passenger wants. So don’t forget to take some dry food in your backpack to keep yourself hungry.

Step 3 : On a long flight, you may get a little annoyed at times. So one of the best ways to entertain yourself can be a music device, iPod or CD player. So when traveling by air, don’t forget to take the necessary electronic devices starting from your mobile.

Step 4 : If you travel by air alone, you will feel lonely at some point, that’s for sure. And any great book or magazine can take away your loneliness. So think of taking your favorite book or magazine in your backpack.

Step 5 : You can’t buy any food on the plane if you want. But what to do if you are hungry? The solution to this problem is in the backpack. Leave a small burger or sandwich in one corner of your backpack before you go on a trip. This will satisfy your hunger during the flight.

Step 6 : Keep all the necessary travel documents including passport and driving license in your backpack. Because the authorities have to show these documents at the airport. So all the paperwork should be at hand. Source: USA Today

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